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How Local Crypto-Currencies Can Fuel Bioregional Economic Development

In recent years, the emergence of cryptocurrencies has revolutionized the global financial landscape. While Bitcoin and other mainstream cryptocurrencies have gained significant attention, a new trend is emerging - the rise of local crypto-currencies. These digital currencies, specific to a particular region or community, offer unique opportunities for local economic development. In this blog post, we will explore the benefits of local crypto-currencies and how they can contribute to the growth and prosperity of communities, and highlight how LocalScale can facilitate their management and utilization.

1. Empowering Local Businesses

Local crypto-currencies have the potential to empower local businesses in several ways. Firstly, they enable small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) to access new sources of funding. By issuing their own digital tokens, businesses can raise capital through Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) or token sales, attracting investors from within the community. This decentralized fundraising mechanism reduces dependence on traditional financial institutions and democratizes access to capital. Moreover, local crypto-currencies can promote local spending. Businesses accepting these digital tokens can offer discounts or incentives to customers who use them, encouraging the circulation of money within the community. This increased spending within local businesses leads to stronger local economies, job creation, and improved livelihoods.

2. Enhanced Financial Inclusion

One of the most significant benefits of local crypto-currencies is their potential to foster financial inclusion. In many regions, traditional banking services are limited, leaving a large portion of the population unbanked or underbanked. Local crypto-currencies provide an alternative means of financial participation, enabling individuals to store, transfer, and transact value securely, even without a traditional bank account. By leveraging blockchain technology, local crypto-currencies can offer affordable and accessible financial services to previously underserved communities. This technology allows for transparent and immutable transaction records, reducing the risk of fraud and corruption. Individuals can maintain control over their financial assets, enabling them to participate actively in local economic activities.

As an example, the Sarafu Network, from Grassroots Economics (illustration above), shows how Community Inclusion Currencies become regional means of exchange. Derived from vouchers, they supplement gaps in the national currency system.

3. Community Building and Collaboration

Local crypto-currencies foster a sense of community and collaboration (see research on Complex Systems Modeling of Community Inclusion Currencies from the Research Institute for Cryptoeconomics). They provide a platform for individuals and businesses to come together and collectively contribute to the economic growth of their locality. Community members can participate in the governance of the currency, making decisions about its future development and usage. Additionally, local crypto-currencies can incentivize community engagement and cooperation. By organically participating to community-building activities and supporting local actors, individuals can earn tokens, as they are contributing to the local network, whether by performing transactions with vendors or supporting community initiatives. This rewards active participation and encourages collaboration among community members, strengthening social ties and building a collective sense of ownership.

4. Reduced Transaction Costs

LocalScale, our platform designed to provide real-world and impact-positive uses of local crypto-currencies, plays a pivotal role in reducing transaction costs. Traditional payment systems, such as credit cards and wire transfers, often involve significant fees, especially for cross-border transactions. With LocalScale, users can make local crypto-currency transactions with minimal fees, thereby reducing the cost burden on businesses and consumers. This increased affordability encourages more frequent transactions, boosting economic activity within the community.

5. Increased Transparency and Accountability

Local crypto-currencies leverage blockchain technology, providing an immutable and transparent ledger of all transactions. This transparency enhances accountability and reduces the potential for corruption. By incorporating blockchain-based decentralization platforms such as LocalScale or the Hypha DAO, local governments and organizations can effectively monitor the flow of funds and ensure their efficient allocation.

This level of accountability builds trust within the community and attracts investors, further stimulating economic growth. As shown above, emerging systems of governance called Decentralized Autonomous Organisations allow local communities to self-organize and define the rules and governance systems by which they will run their community in a transparent and democratic way.

Above is an example of a DAO running a local currency group in the bioregion of Annecy, France. The DAO allowed the community to define their rules of engagement, and different circles come together on the DAO to make decision on value allocation of the local currency to organisations that will fuel economic development in the bioregion.

6. Resilience and Stability

Local crypto-currencies offer increased economic resilience and stability, particularly in regions facing economic volatility or currency instability. By adopting a local crypto-currency, communities can reduce their reliance on external factors that often impact their local economies, such as fluctuations in national currencies or global financial crises. Moreover, these digital currencies can help counteract the adverse effects of brain drain. In regions where talented individuals leave in search of better opportunities elsewhere, local crypto-currencies provide an incentive for them to stay and contribute to the local economy. By creating a vibrant and prosperous ecosystem, these digital currencies attract talent, investments, and businesses, leading to sustainable economic growth.

Above, an example of an organic seed exchange tool, allowing local communities to develop diversity in organic seeds and foster local autonomy through seed exchange against the local currency.

In times of economic uncertainty or external shocks, local economies face significant challenges. However, local crypto-currencies can help mitigate these issues by fostering economic resilience. The use of local currencies reduces dependence on global markets and strengthens local supply chains. With LocalScale, communities can implement smart contract functionalities, incentivizing local production and trade. This localized approach enhances self-sufficiency, reduces vulnerability to external economic factors, and promotes a more sustainable and resilient local economy.


Local crypto-currencies have the potential to drive local economic development in remarkable ways. From empowering local businesses and enhancing financial inclusion to fostering community collaboration and promoting economic resilience, these digital currencies offer unique advantages. As more communities recognize the value of local crypto-currencies, we can expect to witness increased economic prosperity, self-sufficiency, and a renewed sense of purpose Local crypto-currencies, as managed and leveraged by the LocalScale platform,, are transforming the way communities engage in economic activities.

By strengthening local economies, empowering communities, reducing transaction costs, increasing transparency, and promoting resilience, these digital currencies unlock new possibilities for sustainable and inclusive development. As we continue to navigate an ever-evolving financial landscape, local crypto-currencies are emerging as powerful tools to promote local economic growth and drive positive change within communities worldwide.

If you are interested in creating a local currency for your bioregion, please see our process on how to get started on this diagram, or contact us with your project proposal on the LocalScale Discord channel on Local Currencies.

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