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LocalScale is a public benefit organization focusing on the development of resilient and sustainable local economies through the use of technology, science and regenerative activities Sign In CONTACT US PLAYBOOK SEEDS This application is in beta - launching Summer 2021

Connect Facilitate cooperation among inhabitants of a bio-region in order to strengthen local communities Local Communities Our Approach Start applying successful solutions at a local scale

Weave Gather the global actors of the regenerative economy to implement measurable and efficient solutions locally that respect and improve natural and human ecosystems The Actors of Change

Regenerate Help local governments and organisations support and participate in regenerative projects Local Eco-Systems

Leveraging the transparency of third generation blockchain technology to nurture fair and regenerative economies Building on Trust And Innovation Our Allies Regenerating the bioregions value chains

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Slide Rieki Gordon Facilitator at Hypha Dr Eduard Müller President and Rector at Universidad para la Cooperación Internacional Our Mentors

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